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Itasca International Inc. announces the Selection of its New CEO

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Jonny Sjöberg, General Manager of Itasca Sweden, has been selected as the next CEO of Itasca International Inc. Jonny will assume his new role in January 2024, a few months prior to the March 2024 retirement of our current CEO, Dr. Charles E. Fairhurst, to ensure a smooth transition. Dr. Tryana Garza-Cruz, Chair of the Itasca Board of Directors, commented, “Jonny’s extensive global experience in civil and mining consulting along with his innate entrepreneurial spirit is well suited to Itasca’s vision of expanding our services to adjacent fields as well as increasing sales of our industry-leading software products.”

Please visit for more information about Itasca.

Dr. Jonny Sjöberg
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