Why IMAT for Mining?

Welcome to the future of mining analysis! IMAT (ITASCA’s Mining Analysis Toolbox) is revolutionizing the way mining engineers approach modeling and analysis. Here’s why IMAT should be your top choice:


Say goodbye to long hours spent constructing models. With IMAT, model construction time is dramatically reduced from 20 to 100 hours down to just 0.5 to 2 hours. This means you can focus more on analysis and less on setup.


IMAT features a sleek and user-friendly interface with real-time assistance. You don’t need to be a scripting expert to use IMAT. Just point, click, and model!


IMAT is powered by FLAC3D, which has been calibrated and verified with 100's of mining cases worldwide. This ensures accurate and reliable models, especially when performing seismic analysis and understanding seismic behavior.


Powered by FLAC3D, IMAT offers improved simulation performance, advanced algorithms, and a wide range of analysis tools. From basic elastic analyses to complex geological simulations, IMAT has you covered.


IMAT is designed to be modular and flexible, providing a structured workflow and easy navigation. Import CAD files, create octree meshes, and perform detailed post-processing with ease.


IMAT offers optional components to enhance your analysis capabilities, allowing you to track cave mine propagation, analyze stress directions, and more:

  • Seismic data module
  • ITASCA Constitutive Model for Advanced Strain Softening (IMASS)


IMAT streamlines the entire modeling process, from geometry importation to mesh generation and post-processing. You can configure simulations, run analyses, and visualize results in minutes.


Whether you’re a mining operator, consultant, researcher, or academic, IMAT is designed to meet your needs for safe mine operations, efficient planning, and economic analysis.

Ready to Explore IMAT?

IMAT is now available for purchase. Visit Itasca International for detailed product features, pricing, and licensing options. Join the ranks of mining professionals worldwide who are embracing IMAT for its innovative features, streamlined workflows, and unparalleled modeling capabilities. IMAT is not just another software; it's a game-changer for the mining industry.

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